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I am a complete Instagram addict.
I’m one of those instagramers that people love to hate, posting regular pictures of food, cocktails and shopping bags!
I also upload the occasional family, holiday pictures. Generally things that make me happy. 
When me and Aaron decided we were moving house, I instantly took to Pinterest for home styling inspiration, and when I discovered all different pins, where people have created some sort of wall collage or board with all the Instagram pictures.. I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon. WOOP WOOP.
I hopped on google and typed in ‘Instagram prints’ ta-da!!! It was as easy as that 😉 I found a website called, which sells all kinds of cool things! I-pad cases, DIY mugs and of course, a way to print your instagram pictures!
Priced at £9.99 for 12 prints, I thought they were quite reasonably priced compared to other websites I had looked at. Delivery was around £2-£3, I’m not 100% sure, definitely not expensive 🙂
Delivery said it could take up to 7 days for my order to arrive, I was hugely excited when it arrived after 4!! Packages excite me immensely…
When I calmly.. Okay maybe ripped open the envelope with the enthusiasm of a young child, I was surprised to see MY pictures on the small folder they came in.. I mean, how cool!! Little things also excite me a heck of a lot.
I love the retro style of these pictures, with the white rim, all around the outside of the photo. The small sharpie pen (you don’t get to pick the colour you get, but I believe they come in either red or blue!) was also a added bonus, as it’s a great way to label your pictures, in the space at the bottom of each photo. 
I felt very emotional about moving out, feeling like I was leaving behind my childhood and losing that part of myself. I have since calmed down and realised I will never ever ever lose my childhood and that it will always be my home. I was so so sad to leave Momma Blakey, so I wanted to print off my instagram pictures of all my loved ones and special memories, to help make the transition easier 🙂 
When my pictures are all labelled and have a home, I will show you guys via my instagram or on a little home tour?? If you’re lucky!!!! 😉
Anyway, enough rambling.. I am currently in Rhodes waiting for the coach to pick us up, to take us to the airport 🙁 as much as I am missing Aaron & our new little home, I really don’t want to leave this lovely place! *blog posts coming soon*
Lotsa love 🙂

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  1. I used Firebox for my prints too and I was so impressed by the packaging – I thought they were just going to come in a boring plain envelope!


  2. I would love to do this. It's a great idea for new home decoration xx

  3. Glad it wasn't just me then! haha xx

  4. You definitely should 🙂 xx

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