Pool/Beach Bag Essentials

I’m off to Rhodes in about 5 weeks, and thought it would be a good idea to show you the kind of things I carry around with me to the pool or beach. 
I picked up a reasonably large, colourful beach bag from Matalan, last year. I don’t really have a preference for beach bags, I just tend to pick up ones that I like, that are cheap as they tend to get wet by the pool, or covered in sand.
Firstly, I always take a cover up with me, i’m not the kind of girl that can walk around in her bikini all day. I tend to wear over sized vest tops. They’re great for just throwing on over your bikini. I picked mine up from Primark, for about £4-£5, complete bargains.
I absolutely love my Primark, spotty bikini. I buy a new bikini every year and Primark never fail to bring out a few gems. 
Sunglasses are from River Island, i’m not fussy about those either, I just buy what I like! I’ve had these ones for a few years, but they always have a wide selection to choose from. I’m a squinter so I don’t take my sunglasses off all day.
I always take books or magazines with me, and The Fault In Our Stars, is my favourite book of all time. I’ll definitely be taking this away with me. I carry my camera round for obvious reasons, although I tend to take pictures on my i-phone whilst by the pool.
I always take SPF with me, I start off on a high factor like 40, then gradually work my way down to a lower factor. I picked this Calypso one up from Matalan for about £4, and it works just as well, as the more expensive ones. Sun creams can be bloomin’ expensive!
I don’t tend to wear make up during the day, as to be honest, I really don’t care what my skin looks like. I apply factor 40 suncream, and a quick spritz of my caudalie beauty elixir to freshen up throughout the day. 
My lips tend to get dry and sore on holiday due to the change in temperature, so I always carry a lip balm with me, to help moisturise and hydrate my lips during the day.
I have quite thick curly hair, team this with the sun and my hair turns into frizz central. Picture Monica from Friends when they’re in Barbados.. that’s me! I apply a cream to the ends of my hair, for during the day, to keep them protected and as a hair mask at night, to keep moisture locked in. 

I’d love to hear your pool/beach bag essentials!

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  1. Love this post! Great tips 🙂 xo

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