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Oh Primark…
What would I do without you? Although your prices have ‘slightly’ increased over the years, I can’t help but get excited as soon as I know i’m coming at you. I instantly pick up one of your HUGE baskets, just knowing i’m going to be filling it with all kinds of bargain goodness. 
Myself, my sister and nieces recently spent the day shopping in Preston, where we spent the majority of our time in Primark. Obviously.. It is huge!!
We got all excited driving down knowing we were going to spend more money than necessary, but still walking out feeling like you haven’t spent enough. I have this problem all the time. Oh to be a shop-o-holic.
I was in my element with all the gorgeous summer clothes & bikinis, as I jet off to Mexico in 10 weeks and obviously need some new clothes. I have more than enough clothes to wear at night, but needed some comfy but cute clothes for during the day. Just to throw on over my bikini. Oh did I find some gems.
Everytime I go on holiday, I need a new pair of pajamas. No idea why, I just like the feel of new pajamas. It’s like at Christmas when you get bought some and can’t wait to wear them on Christmas night. Oh I get all excited just thinking about it!
These instantly caught my eye, with the neon purpley/pink tank top & flowery shorts. Perfect for summer nights.
I love the vest tops that Primark do, so didn’t hesitate to pick up with bright purple and pink one. Love the summer colours!!
Floral shorts: £4.00
Coral shorts: £5.00
I picked up a pair of black floral shorts and a coral pair aswel. They had so many different colours, but these were the ones that stood out the most.
I also picked up these two large vest tops. They come down to my mid-thigh, so thought they would be great as short dresses for during the day on holiday, just to throw on. They are really nice and loose fitting, which will be great for the warmer weather.
You have to take so many toiletries when going on holiday, so the thought of weighing my already to heavy suitcase down, with the likes of my big bottle of Bioderma and toner, I bought these cute little bottles to decant them into, therefore not taking up as much room. Which is definitely needed for clothes/make up! Priorities.
Since I had done so well with shopping for my holiday, I decided to throw in a few miscellaneous products, just for, you know.. laughs?
Elastic bands: £1.00
Candle: £1.50
Clutch: £6.00
I FINALLY managed to get my hands on the black version of this studded clutch! They only had the nude version in my nearest Primark, and I knew I would definitely get my use out of the black one more. Perfect size for nights out.
This gorgeous lime smelling candle was the perfect addition to my candle collection! Primark do amazing candles.
Now my hair is quite long, i’v started plaiting it to the side alot more, just to keep it all off my face, so I didn’t hesitate to pick these elastic ‘bands’ up, just to finish off my plait nicely.
Well these slippers speak for themselves. Disney+Minnie= HAD TO OWN.
So damn comfy!

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