BlanX White Shock Formula Whitening Toothpaste | Review

Some of you will look at this post & think ‘who the heck wants to read a review on toothpaste!’ but if you bare with me and stick this, short but sweet post out.. you be a toothpaste enthusiast, and that’s okay!
 In particular, you’ll want to grab yourself the BlanX Whitening toothpaste, equipped with funky ‘star wars esque’ l.e.d blue lightsaber style light! Hold this little bad boy over your teeth for a minute, a few days a week and you’ll have lovely brightened gnashers. I can’t promise you the Essex bright white *Arg* teeth, but you’ll definitely notice the difference! 
My teeth feel super clean after using this and leaves my breath with minty freshness, the mint flavour isn’t to overpowering but just right for nice-smelling breath that lasts a few hours. I’ve even had people comment on the fact that my teeth look brighter, which is always nice to hear! 
This product doesn’t contain peroxide or abrasive sillica, so it is gentle on your enamel and gums!
It’s is suitable for vegetarians and is not tested on animals, which is something that I love from a brand.
The good thing about picking up the toothpaste & L.E.D light combination, is that when the toothpaste runs out, you only need to re-purchase the toothpaste because the light is reusable! 
You can pick up the toothpaste for £4.99 on Feel Unique.
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  1. Really? Sounds a bit too good to be true at that price but.. at that price… it might just be worth giving a go!

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