Bittersweet London: Sugar-Free Fluffy Marsh Mallow

Whilst having a look through my #Northmeetup goody bag, post found here, I saw this amazingly gorgeous monochrome print, the packaging instantly lured me in. Finding out it was actually a box of sweets was a bonus!
Bittersweet London, are one of the first online boutiques in London, specializing in fulfilling your sweet tooth without sugar!
I have a huge sweet tooth, so I knew these were right up my street.
The joy of eating sweets, without your mother shouting that they’ll ‘rot your teeth!’ That wasn’t just my mum right?!
I was a bit skeptical about them at first, thinking that because they are sugar-free, they wouldn’t have the same sweet taste. How wrong was I! They taste exactly the same as normal marshmallows. I unfortunately wasn’t quick enough in hiding these from Aaron, so only got to enjoy half of what was inside. The joys of having a boyfriend?? 
They are £5.95 each, or you can pick up two for £10. They are a bit pricey, but for a sugar-free indulgence to treat yourself, or they’d be lovely as a present for someone! They do a whole range of sweets, including Cola Bottles, Stawberry Cremes and many more.
You can find Bittersweet London on Twitter @bittersweetpls.
Let me know if you guys have tried anything from Bittersweet London!

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