Makeup Starter Kit & Tips.

I started wearing makeup towards the end of High School, maybe year 10? It wasn’t something that really interested me, and always found wearing makeup quite a bold daring move. 6 years later and i’m an addict.. I got into make up more seriously when starting college, loved trying new products and holding the bag handles of a lovely new purchase. Blogging has developed my addiction more, although now I research products a lot more before buying. I love to treat myself to high end make up brands once in a while, I work hard for my money & feel I deserve a little luxury, but I am a sucker for drugstore brands. The 3-for-2 deals in Boots & Superdrug are just too good to pass up. I think my favourite drugstore brand is definitely Rimmel.
Although I have been wearing make up for years, a lot of you will just be starting out (you lucky devils!) so I thought I would give my input on great drugstore brands, perfect for people that are just starting their collection and are after advice & maybe a few tips.
Firstly, we’ll start with bases..
Foundation: £8.99
Powder: £3.99
Concealer: 5.49
There products are ones that I use on a regular basis and love! The foundation blends so well into the skin, whether you use a brush (I’ll get onto that later) or your fingers. This foundation leaves skin looking really fresh and glowing, it has medium coverage, which is great as heavy coverage foundation can sometimes look cakey when not blended in properly.
The Powder is great for helping your foundation/base last longer on your face, and also great for touching up any areas on your face that tend to get oily. I have used this powder on its own once or twice, when I needed a quick cover up of a few spots I was having trouble with, and it gives a low to medium coverage and it doesn’t cake which I thought was great, as I have had problems with powders in the past.
I would recommend picking up this concealer in a shade lighter than your skin, as this product is great for under eye circles, helping to mask any dark circles from early mornings, getting ready for school/college.
This is definitely my favourite concealer as it leaves my eyes looking really fresh and awake! It applies and blends into the skin really easily. 
Blusher; Shade 2: £1
Eyeshadow Trio; Pink Sorbet: £2.50
Mascara: £5.99
MUA is an amazing drugstore brand! It’s products are great quality and unbeatable prices. 
The blusher is so pigmented that a little will go a long way, it leaves cheeks with a subtle pink glow. For a £1 you can’t really go wrong!
The eyeshadow trio is incredible value for money! You can use the colours on their own or even create a subtle smokey eye look. The colours are really pigmented and really brighten with eyes, without being to in your face.
I picked up this mascara on a whim, as I was in desperate need for a new one. I was pleasantly surprised when first tried it and was very impressed. It left my lashes longer & thicker, without weighing them down and going dry/flaky. I wouldn’t say they leave my lashes looking ‘fake’ but they do leave them looking more defined.
Kohl Eyeliner: £3.99
Liquid Eyeliner: £4.29
Eyelash Curlers: £6.00
This kohl eyeliner is great for waking up your eyes and helping them to subtly stand out. I use this on my lower lash line, and with it being so highly pigmented, one glide of this on my lash line & it creates a defined line.
If you are feeling a little more adventurous and have a steady hand, then liquid eye liner is great! I use this on my upper lid, above my lashes. If you are wearing this for school, I would suggest creating just a thin little slick, as you don’t want to apply a thick application that during the school hours would no doubt smudge and leave you with a panda look. Which is something, from experience, I know you won’t want to end up with. Oh the horror of applying liquid eyeliner for the first time!!
Eye lash curlers are an essential I would say. If you aren’t to bothered about applying mascara, I would suggest giving your eye lashes a quick go with a curler, to help shape your eye lashes. Just curling your eyelashes can open up your eyes and help them seem more awake.

Lipstick; Shade 101: £5.49
Kate Moss’s Rimmel lipstick collection, is great! I have quite a few and love them all. This particular colour is like your lip colour, but better! It is a matte shade so can cling to the dry areas of your lips, so make sure to prep your lips before with a scrub or the old toothbrush trick 😉
Image 1 of Models Own Neon 5 Piece Brush SetImage 2 of Models Own Neon 5 Piece Brush Set
Pictures via asos
5 piece set; £10.00
  • Powder Brush
  • Lip Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Angled Brush
  • Blending Brush
This kit contains very handy brushes, that come in a little travel sized bag, so you can carry them around easily. These brushes will cover the basics of what you will need, and once you get more confident you can add to the collection. 

Here are a few tips that I think a few of you may benefit from! Tips that I wish people had told me when first branching out into the world of make up & make up application.
  • The key to picking the best base: foundation, powder and concealer, is finding one that compliments your skin tone. Also picking one due to skin type: oily, dry ect. When applying foundation, make sure it is blending up properly, whether using a foundation brush or using your fingers. Liquid concealer is the easiest to blend. I can’t stress blending enough, nobody likes the orange face, white neck look.
  • Using to much eye make up can help you to look like a panda or can be to harsh on the sensitive eye area. Stick with soft shades 
  • If using a lip liner, do not line outside your natural lip line. Work with what nature gave you! 
  • When choosing a lipstick, it’s a case of trial and error. We’ve all picked up that one colour that thought would look fabulous, and we ended up looking like drag queens. Swatching is a great way to give you an idea of what the colour will look like on your skin tone. 
I hope some of you found this useful and helped you along the way. 
Lotsa Love’


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