Soap & Glory Fragrant Body Sprays

I am a HUGE Soap & Glory fan, as I’m sure everyone else in the whole world is!!! They are amazing products, that don’t break the bank. What more could you ask for?? 
Their brand contains a variety of skincare and makeup. I don’t actually own any of their makeup (none of my local boots stock anything other than the lip plumping lip gloss) but I have owned pretty much everything else they do. Bubble bath, shower gels, body creams, body scrubs and body sprays. They always smells amazing and the names of the products are really clever & totes cute. Yes I did just say totes & what!!
I received these fragrance sprays in a set for Christmas, off my grandma. The two scents are ‘Mist You Madly: A Flirty Floral Fragrant Body Spray’ & ‘Glam-A-Lot: Soft & Sexy Fragrant Body Spray’
They are only 100ml and are perfect for putting into your bag and using on the go.
I am currently using ‘Glam-a-Lot’ and I love it. It does exactly as it says on the bottle and provides you with a subtle, what can only be described as, sexy smell. It reminds me of my Victoria Secret perfume & well all know how sexy Victoria Secret is?! Miranda Kerr you yummy mummy, you!
I only tend to use these products when I’m at work, or when on the go, as I save my perfume for nights/evenings out. They leave a really fresh smell, that lasts for a good few hours.
Lotsa Love’

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  1. I love mist-you-madly! I haven't tried the other one though. Do want to though.

    Lizzums x

  2. Aw thankyou Lauren! xx

  3. I love them. Great price aswel 🙂 xx

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