Happy Anniversary!


 Now I’m not normally so soppy and ‘lovey dovey’ on my blog, but today is extra special because..
Me and my wonderful boyfriend have been together FOUR years today! wow, I can’t believe how quick the time has gone. It feels like only yesterday, yet..feels like I have been with him forever..if that makes sense 🙂
We met in December 2008 (I couldn’t find a picture from 08′ grrr.), at a christmas works do and within about 2 weeks of meeting we we’re in a relationship. I was only 16 at the time, and Aaron was only 19, so I didn’t expect it to last to long and thought it would be just a little thing. Little did I know, four years later, we would still be here!!
We have had amazing holidays, romantic dates, horrific arguments, slanging matches (so bad that we want to rip each others eyeballs out!). This year has definitely been our toughest year, we have come through so much and I love him more now, than I think I ever have done.
Aaron is; Kind.Childish.Mature.Funny.Annoying.Caring.Messy.Unorganised.Imaginative.Playful.Unexpected.Random
I believe he truely is my other half. He’s my best friend and I am so grateful that we have so many memories together, ones that will stay with us forever.
 He is my forever.
Here is to many more years, I know we have to celebrate. Aaron, I love you and thankyou for being everything you are. x

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