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Hey Guys,
I can’t believe that it is Christmas next week! Where has the time gone? This year has gone far too quick if you ask me. Only feels like 2 minutes ago, that we were welcoming in 2012, and now we’re only a couple of weeks for 2013! CRAZY.
I’ve noticed a few blogs/youtubes doing a Christmas tag! What better what to celebrate Christmas, than to talk about it.. 🙂

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

  • There are so many things that I love about Christmas; The atmosphere, everyones excitement, decorating the tree, spending time with family & friends, eating more than usual ‘BECAUSE IT’S CHRISTMAS’ (my favourite excuse), watching Christmas movies and wearing big fleecy pj’s whilst sat next to the roaring fire! Ohh I get chills just thinking about it 🙂

2. What is your favourite make up look for the festive period?

  • I tend to stick to my smokey eye look, but use different colours e.g. black & grey, browns and golds or my new favourite at the minute is a combination of my MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, and Sketch! I also love going for a lovely bold lipstick, deep berries and reds.

3. Real tree of fake?

  • When I was younger I would have said real all the way, but a few years ago my mum decided to get a fake tree and I think they are so much more practical and definitely save you money, which is always a winner.

4. Giving or recieving presents?

  • GIVING. I love putting thought into presents, and love seeing peoples expressions when they open things that I have thought, and know that I have put thought into them. Nothing makes me happier than making other people happy. That being said..who doesn’t love to recieving presents! I mean really??! Everyone can say oh yeah it’s all about giving, but who doesn’t love waking up on Christmas morning, knowing they have some presents under the tree with their name on :). Yeah exactly, just what I thought. EVERYONE LOVES IT.

5. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?

  • I open them with my family at about 5 in the morning!! No jokes all round, but trust me I wish my family would wake up at that time. I am like a child on Christmas eve and can’t sleep! No matter what I do.. generally just muttering to myself saying ‘come on Rachael, you’re 20 years old..GET A GRIP’ but I know that i’m just lying to my inner child!

6. Handmade cards or bought?

  • I would love to say i’m one of them creative types that can sit and make all my Christmas cards but I really can’t. So shop bought cards for everyone!!

7. Favourite Christmas movie?

  • Oh no how do you choose!! I’ll narrow it down to my top 5?? Bugger it, it’s my tag i’ll do what I like mwahahah!
  •  1: The Holiday.
  •  2: The Grinch.
  •  3: Muppets Christmas Carol.
  •  4: Love Actually.
  • 5: Nightmare Before Christmas.

8. Favourite food at Christmas?

  • I love food at Christmas! Especially..Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, roast potatoes and any kind of chocolate dessert, biscuit or sweet 🙂
I hope you guys enjoyed my little Christmas post and I tag all of you!!! 🙂 Leave me a comment below with your link if you have taken part in the tag, as I would love to read them.

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