My Favourite Youtubers.

Hey Guys,
   Like most others, I am a sucker for sitting at my laptop for hours watching youtube videos. I watch them more than I watch my t.v! I’m subscribed to quite a few channels so I am just going to list the youtubers who’s videos I have to stop what I’m doing just to watch.
I will list all their youtube channel links & blog links underneath so you can check them all out.
1. Vivianna Does MakeUp
Vivianna has my kind of taste in makeup & skincare! She has gorgeous glossy hair & I would kill for the length of it. I am currently trying to grow mine, and get serious hair envy everytime I watch her videos. She also does amazing makeup tutorials, mainly natural looking makeup which I love!
2. DizzyBrunette3
Corrie a.k.a Dizzy Brunette does the most amazing haul videos. Everything she shows on her videos, I instantly want to own it. She has gorgeous taste in clothes and makeup. She has the whole cheryl cole hair thing going on. Big, Bouncy & Beautiful!
DizzyBrunette3: Youtube.
Lilly Melrose has serious style! Her fashion sense is amazing and I love watching her haul videos.
She also has lovely taste in skincare and makes me want to own everything she reviews and raves about.
4. Tanya Burr
I’m sure everyone and their mother has heard of Tanya! She does the most amazing make up tutorials. Whether it be a celebrity, fancy dress (recently a halloween inspired look!) and everyday looks. I watch her videos religously!
Tanya Burr: Youtube.
5. Fleur DeForce
I absolutely love watching Fleurs hauls and routines, whether it be hair or makeup! She also has amazing taste when it comes to her makeup collection, I want it all!
Fleur DeForce: Youtube.
6. Zoella
This girl makes me laugh! She does completely crazy & random videos, for example the other day she did a video on different accents. She actually did very well! She also does hauls which I love to watch!
Zoella280390: Youtube.
Zoella: Blog.
7. Sprinkle of Glitter

Everytime I watch one of Louise’s videos, they instantly cheer me up! She does amazing hauls and she is, like me, a glossybox subscriber and each month, shows you what she got in her box! What I love the most is that she uses videos, to answer real questions and dilemmas that other people may face in everyday life.

Sprinkle of Glitter: Youtube.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite youtubers, and that you checked some of them out! If you have any favourites, please let me know and i’ll be sure to check them out.

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  1. thanks for sharing x

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  3. We have the same favourite Youtubers. Anna is definitely my top Youtuber. I agree about the hair envy!

  4. Sprinkle of glitter is so good! You have very good taste in youtubers haha!!

    Please could you look at my blog?


  5. No problem hun 🙂


  6. They are amazing aren't they!


  7. I could sit and watch her videos all day!

    Aw thankyou sweet 🙂


  8. Her hair is gorgeous isn't it?!


  9. Her videos make me laugh so much! Thanks hun haha.

    Course I will 🙂


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