London Haul #2 Clothes & Miscellaneous.

Hey Guys!
So this is part two of my London Shopping Haul, containing all things clothing and miscellaneous! I tried really hard not to come back with to many clothes, as I knew I wanted to purchase mainly beauty products and I couldn’t go to crazy with the shopping bags. Although that logic, really didn’t work!
Victoria Secrets: I am in love with Miranda Kerr & anything to do with Victoria Secrets, so it was inevitable that I was going to purchase more than enough when I visited the store. I wanted to buy absolutely everything, Aaron had to reign me in..eventually!
Selfridges: Now this may look a little odd, but basically J.R.R Tolkein used to write to his children every year at Christmas, pretending to be Father Christmas. He saved all the letters he wrote and now they are in this book. I thought it was such a lovely idea, I had to buy it!!
Selfridges: £12.99
WHSmiths: I’ve been looking at Beauty books for a while now, but none have really taken my fancy, until this one! It includes bargain versions of high end make-up and tips & tricks for makeup.
WHSmiths: £8.99
Forever 21
Oversized white t-shirt, Topshop: £14.00
Geek t-shirt, Topshop: £18.00

Gold collar, Topshop: £10.00
That concludes my shopping for London! I had the most amazing time exploring the city & shopping of course! I am going to upload a post soon with pictures from my trip 🙂 As ever, I love to read your comments and I always try to reply to them all 🙂

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  1. I know, I couldn't stop myself!

    I am in love with the necklace, think it's a bargain for £10.



  2. Great haul, you got some nice things!


  3. Oh gosh! I just love that Geek t-shirt! I need to go and get it!

  4. Thanks Hun 🙂


  5. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it! 🙂


  6. Thanks hun. I wear it all the time! haha


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