June Favourites!

Seen as it is the 1st July, I figured this was the perfect time to do my JUNE favourites.

At the end of every month, I am going to put together a collection of my monthly favourites. Wether it be fashion, beauty or a celebrity. Whatever I am currently loving that month!


I’m a HUGE fan of nail varnish! Having my nails painted instantly brightens my mood. I have a vast collection and every colour I can think of.
I was shopping in boots a few weeks ago with my sister, browsing the nail varnish collection on Barry M. I noticed they had a lot of pastel colours; pinks, blues and lilacs ect. Although I had alot of different coloured nail varnishes, I was lacking PASTELS. So lucky me stumbling across a wide range.
I tried a different colour on each finger and fell in love with the pastel blue and pink!
At about £3.00 each, I thought they were a bargain.
I am currently wearing the pink colour and I love it! I think this may be the colour I have my mani/pedi done in, for when I go on my holiday!


This little beauty cost me £1.50 from PRIMARK! Its a gorgeous long scarf in a neon blue colour, with the bright orange skulls.
I wear this scarf with a ribbed white vest top, denim skinny jeans and my white converse. I don’t like wearing to many colours at once, so all those neutral toned clothes with this bright scarf is perfect!
A lovely accessorie for summer!


Prep + Primer- £21.00,30ml.
Face and Body Foundation- £23.00,120ml.
I had recently been moaning to my lovely other half, about wanting some ‘proper’ make-up. Sure..rimmel and maybelline are all just aswel. But I wanted to splash out and treat myself to some MAC! So what did my lovely boyfriend do??
He went out and bought me a MAC ‘prep + prime’, which gives you an even skin tone, hiding any blemishes and marks. It gives your skin a lovely shine aswel! He also bought me the MAC ‘face and bodt foundation’, it is so soft and silky to apply and feels gorgeous on your skin.
I’m not the type of girl who plasters make up on and can’t get enough of it. I love the natural look and this foundation is perfect for just that!
 You definitely get what you pay for!
Aaron also bought me a make-up brush, which specialises in applying primer as it helps to spread it evenly across your face. At £7.00, the brush is more than I would spend on a make-up brush, but it is amazing AND eco-friendly!

My hair when I have sprayed a small amount of sea salt spray!
Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray-£7.00,200ml.

Last week, I purchased some ‘Toni & Guy sea salt spray’. Everytime I’ve seen a celebrity with the famous beach wave look, I noticed that their hair had always been styled with sea salt spray. I’ve been meaning to buy some for a while, but when my mum suggested we take a trip to boots, I had to make sure I snapped some up! You can spray it evenly on your hair when damp and leave to dry naturally. OR..what I do, is spray slightly when my hair is still damp, then dry my hair completely with a hair dryer and then spray some more, scrunching my hair in my hand as I spray.
Also a easy way to get beach waves is to wash your hair, comb any knots out, spray the sea salt evenly all over your hair and then pull your hair into pigtails. Then plait both sides of hair (or if you can, french plait) and go to bed!
When you wake up in the morning, take your bobbles out and shake your fingers through your hair!


No.7 Mascara-£14.00
I got it for £9.00!

Before mascara

When I was paying for my sea salt spray, I got a voucher for £5.00 off the brand new No.7 Mascara. Me and my momma quickly picked up one of the mascaras, as we both needed a new one.
 It thickens and lengthens your lashes. As you can maybe see from the picture, it does just that!
 I don’t wear mascara alot, as I have naturally big eyes already (other people have told me that my eyes are MASSIVE and very blue. I think the MASSIVE comment was a compliment?) but this mascara is perfect for when I do want my eyes to seem more open and awake.

I hope you have enjoyed my June favourites, as much as I enjoyed buying them! SHOPOHOLIC AND WHAT?!

I’d love to hear about your favourites, whatever they may be!


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