Future Mrs Westwick??

Good Afternoon Ladies,

      For those of you who don’t know..I am a complete Gossip Girl Addict! It’s one of my favourite programs EVER and I just love love love it!

People use to talk about this program, and it never really interested me. But being the open minded human being that I am, one night (slightly bored), I decided to give it a bash…

It was love at first sight!

Mainly..because of this guy! Let me introduce to the 100% hotness that is…

Mr Ed Westwick.

 Who doesn’t love themselves abit of Chuck Bass?! I mean, seriously!

Not only is he gorgeous and a fellow brit (waheyy), he is amazingly talented and I for one, do not think Gossip Girl would be as big, as it is today, without him!

How sexy is he?!

I’ll tell ya..TOO SEXY!

I’d love to hear about anyone elses, slightly obsessive (but not TOO obsessive, we don’t want to get arrested now do we!?) celebrity crushes.


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