Feeling sorry for myself..

I am currently in bed, watching back-to-back Gossip Girl, ILL! There is nothing I hate more than having a stomach bug.

I miss being a kid when you were ill. My mum would pick me up from school and lay me down on the sofa or in bed and give me a lovely warm drink and soup. She’d let me watch whatever I wanted on telly, and the best thing ever..Rubbing my back whilst I had my head down the toilet. YUCK.

Today, I spent the morning on my own..on the bathroom floor, unable to move, with my head in the toilet. I was fine first thing this morning and then all of a sudden..BAM..the nauseous feeling crept over me slowly and not very discreetly.


Although, nothing can make you feel better than watching Gossip Girl. Getting my daily dose of Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick.

On the other hand, last night was a fantastic night with my girls. We went out for a meal and the restaurant held a ‘Lady GaGa’ tribute night. We sang and danced the night away!
I must add, I was the only sober one of the group. Good job, because I don’t think Hungover AND a stomach bug, would mix well.

I’ll upload pictures soon!


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