Wow, I have been absent for some time now and I sincerely apologise!
This past month has been a mixture of emotions…
Firstly, I turned 20 (NOOO) on June 12th. People may be wondering why I put the NOOO, after the 20..what’s wrong with turning 20? WELL..I am no longer a teenager. I can no longer ‘get away’ with teenage things. I am now a responsible adult. Well..most of the time.
 “How can you be old and wise, when you haven’t been young and crazy”
The day after my birthday, is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. My lovely 89 year old grandmother passed away. She had been ill recently, and although I knew she wouldn’t be here much longer, It doesn’t take away the shock of the fact, that they are actually gone. I can’t imagine not seeing her again and hearing her telling me, my older sister and younger brother, how proud she was of us. I know nothing made her prouder than her grandchildren and GREAT-grandchildren. She felt blessed to be here to see her great grandchildren be born. I love you & I miss you everyday. xx
On a more positive note..I bought a new laptop HOORAY, So I am currently writing this new blog post from my new SAMSUNG laptop!
I am currently getting ready to go out for a meal and drinks with some friends. So this post may be short and kind of sweet, but I just wanted you all to know that I haven’t gone missing or ran away to join the circus =)
More tomorrow!

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