I LOVE to travel and in November 2011, myself and Aaron travelled to gorgeous city of Rome, Italy. We have both wanted to visit Rome and talked about it for a while before we booked the trip. During a spontaneous day out for lunch, we decided to go to the local travel agents and book it! I love spontaneous plans, they always work out amazingly!
I was like a little kid on Christmas morning, on the day of our flight. Going to Rome was literally a dream come true!
After the 2 hour flight and the hour and a half on a train, we FINALLY arrived in ROMA. When I first laid my eyes on the Trevi fountain, I was speechless. I’ve seen it so many times in photographs and films, but seeing it right in front of you and with your own eyes, it’s even more amazing!
We enjoyed romantic candle-lit meals, in backstreet cobbled streets, (Italy officially do the best pizza and pasta EVER). Open-top tour bus, seeing the whole of Rome, as there is no way we would have been able to see it all on foot. As long as we fit the most important sights in before we left, that’s all that mattered.
We visited:
          Trevi Fountain (our hotel was right next to it, hearing the trickling water every night whilst enjoying a meal or drink, was amazing!).
          Spanish Steps (Spanish steps, in Italy!).
          Vatican City.
When in Rome, you MUST have a gelato (Italian for ice-cream; that is the one word that I made sure I knew before I went over! I am a sucker for ice-cream). I am honestly, not surprised that Italy is famous for the best ice cream. It honestly IS. They do not lie!!
If anyone gets the opportunity to go to Rome, please do! It is the most amazing and beautiful place.
Breath-taking Trevi Fountain
Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, and it is said that you will return in the future! Think I threw about 10 in!
Pantheon ceiling!
Worlds BEST ice-cream.
Vatican City! We didn’t get to meet the Pope, unfortunately! Haa
Feast on the plane! Pepsi and a good ol’ peperami!
Spanish Steps were always busy! Every would congregate here.
The Colosseum!

I think everyone should be lucky enough to travel to somewhere as beautiful as this!

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  1. Hi catrine.
    The trevi fountain is gorgeous! I really hope you get a chance to see it =)

    Rachael xx

  2. Hi my green envy monster just got a little fatter!!! I would love to go to Rome and you just make it seem so doable. Ok ok I am going to put it on my definite to do list, but for now will live vicariously through this blog. I am happy you went and I love the pictures. Good for you!
    I am following you, please follow me back.

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