Fresh Blog..Fresh Start!

Howdy YA’LL!

     Wow, it has been a while. I do have my reasons!

Firstly..My wireless rooter decided to break down on me and refuse to work. HOW INCONSIDERATE?!

My lovely momma spent hours on the phone, abusing the internet company who refused to replace the broken rooter, even though we are in a contract with them..GRRR.

Eventually..the internet company decided to send us a new rooter for free and it arrived in the post today! I have never been so happy to see my postman. I’ve been having withdrawel symptoms from my lovely blog, but looking back, I decided I needed a change. I wasn’t completely happy with my last blog and decided a new blog was the way to go.

I hope you will all be patient whilst I get the blog exactly how I want it. Bigger and Better than the last.

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