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So today, I decided to clear my wardrobe of all my winter clothes. Pack them away and put all my summer clothes IN the wardrobe. HOORAY FOR SUMMER!
I am definitely a summer  baby, being born in June n’all, I despise the cold, windy and wet weather! Ew.
As I was sorting through all my clothes, I found this t-shirt!
Wayyyy back in 2010, I did a ‘midnight walk’ for a charity called Bolton Hospice. Bolton is the town that I am from, and I did the walk for a hospice that is located here. For people who may not know what a hospice is, it is a place people can go and stay when they only have months, weeks or days left, in this lifetime. It helps them relax and enjoy what time they do have left. I couldn’t think of a better charity to help raise money for!
The walk starts at, you guessed it..MIDNIGHT! It started as the clocks struck 00:00a.m the 12th June. My 18th birthday! The local radio station was at the meeting point for the walk and my mum (who I did the walk with) must have told them it was my birthday, because they announced it live to everyone doing the walk! Happy to say..I got a huge round of applause! What better way to celebrate the start of your 18th birthday!
The walk starts in the centre of town, you then walk to the other side of Bolton (which is about 4.6 miles away) and then walk all the way back! Needless to say, me and my momma were knackered!!
Before the walk, Bolton hospice supplied all the volunteers with Bolton hospice t-shirts, to do the walk in. On the front on the t-shirt, you pinned your number (I was number 1000. Nice even number there!!) and on the back you could pin a dedication. Me and momma dedicated the walk to my Uncle Jeffery. Who sadly passed away from cancer the month before I was born. Although I never met him, I know how much he meant to my mum and what a brilliant man he was!
The whole walk took us about 3 and a half hours, which seems like a awfully long time when you’re walking in the dark. At midnight!
This charity does wonderful things for the people who need it most and I am proud to say I have raised money to help them continue to be great!
Have you ever done a walk or a run to raise money? Or anything else fabulous to help out a charity?
I would love to hear your stories!

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