Autumn/Winter Toddler Wardrobe

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Autumn/Winter Toddler Wardrobe

It is no secret that buying for Teddy is one of my favourite things, soz bank balance, but there is something I love about treating my boy to something brand new & exciting… well in this case, it is a lot more exciting for me. But still. Autumn & the colder days are well & truly upon us now and as sad as I am to see the sun slowly taking her hat off & doing one, I am so excited about the snuggly days we have to come. I loved buying all Teddy’s summer clothes as I knew he would be wearing them on our very much loved holiday to Greece, but they are now all packed away & ready to be sold and have started being replaced with soft jumpers, snuggly leggings & a gorgeous winter coat. I thought I would share with you some ideas & our favourite places to stock up on pieces for your Autumn/Winter toddler wardrobe.

As you will all know by now we are off on two exciting holidays this month – one with Haven, were we are staying in Wales, in a caravan for four nights & then a day later we are flying off to Disneyland – so we really needed to get a move on with picking warmer clothing up for us all, but especially Teddy as he has well & truly outgrown his bits from last year. SOB.


I have discovered some really lovely pieces for Teddy’s wardrobe that I absolutely love. I don’t shop at a huge variety of shops, tending to stick to our favourites, but that doesn’t mean I was stuck for things to buy. Oops. Next has been a favourite of mine for years, but this is where we have always shopped for Teddy, even before he arrived! I absolutely love their quality, their sizes seem to be a lot more generous than other shops & I find that they have a huge variety. Not everything is baby blue or grey, that I have found with lots of other shops & I really hate. I have also fallen in love with Zara Baby this year! I never thought to look here before for Teddy’s wardrobe but when I spotted a pair of gorgeous leopard print leggings on someone’s Instagram post. I knew I had to have them. They are super soft & so reasonably priced.

One of my favourite places to shop is definitely Morrisons, their Nutmeg range is my favourite of all the supermarket’s clothing ranges. They are constantly bringing out new pieces, they are ridiculously cheap & amazing quality. We had some lovely baby grows & vests from here when Teddy was tiny & their jogging bottoms are my absolute favourite.

I didn’t realise picking a winter coat for a toddler could be so difficult! I wanted something comfy, practical & cute and we found exactly that in M&S! We have had a voucher for there since his birthday & every time we went in, there was nothing that jumped out at me or I loved, until we spotted this gorgeous faux fur mustard parker, it was £30 in his size – which was exactly the amount we had on the voucher, so it worked out perfectly. It is half lined inside with navy blue fleece & the outside is stain and weatherproof finish to repel dirt & water. Perfect for toddlers on the move!

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